Brief History of SKIRON
  • 1935

    Foundation of air-conditioning-ventilating and heating company S.E. Ieremiadis

  • 1949

    Start of production line, elaborating smoke

  • 1950

    Start of axial and centrifugal fans production

  • 1951

    Start of air ducts production line

  • 1962

    Start of metallic airheaters production line

  • 1966

    Panhellenic distribution of French Technobel's products

  • 1970

    Heating and ventilation for innovative livestock-farming installations

  • 1980

    Systems implementation for innovative cotton manipulation factory

  • 1981

    Construction of complete system exhausting sawdust in one of the first E.U. financed projects

  • 1983-1995

    Exclusive supplier for Hellenic Fabrics

  • 2007

    Start of air handling units’ production line

  • 2008

    Start of product distribution for CARRIER and TOSHIBA

About our company


Skiron has an active presence on the air-conditioning and ventilating market since 1935, based in our production facilities in New Raidestos of Thessaloniki. More than 70 years occupation and vast application of our knowledge gives us the opportunity to create ideal air condition, even to the most demanding circumstances. Skiron’s variety of products corresponds not only to domestic environment but also to heavy industrial needs for air-conditioning, ventilating and natural gas.

SKIRON's group of engineers equipped with the most contemporary methods and studies and always taking into consideration the demands of each situation, can guarantee the result and assert it with their portable laboratory equipment. Ecological conscious works as a criterion to the choice of each system of ventilation and air-condition, achieving reduced energy consumption and lower fixed expenses. Unlike other companies in the field Skiron is not obliged to cooperate with only one supplier, a fact that limits possibilities in a study, having thus the ability to choose the solution among the many houses it collaborates with.

SKIRON staff

Constant Evolution is what characterizes the company’s human dynamic and gives the ability to provide top technology and high conditions of comfort to its clients. Skiron has the ability to process air through known machines that it agents and through those that it fabrics according to strict European expectations, in order to regulate temperature, humidity and quality of air.

Air-conditioning, heating and ventilating bolige to nature laws, of which we have excellent knowledge and we use for your benefit.

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